The Blues selected for Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022

Happy to announce 'The Blues' has been selected from a broad range of submissions for Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022 (PLANET HUMAN theme). The exhibition will be on view 10-13 February 2022 during Rotterdam Photo 2022.
(Due to the current covid restrictions in the Netherlands, Rotterdam Art Week has been moved to 18 to 22 May 2022.) 
Following last year’s topic PLANET HUMAN, Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022 continues to ask the same questions: Who are we, as human beings, besides the fact that we exist? What do we leave behind? How do we express ourselves? What is the role of our imperfections, the dark parts of our collective existence? Do they make us human?

Today, more than ever, the notion of being human is undergoing evolution. And this year they invited photographers to join them and think about the blueprints that we, as human beings, leave after us. Richard's newest serie closely related to this theme as it show the vulnerability of humans. First man disappears, then finally his earthly possessions.
The Blues from the serie 'Is This The Poem I Promised You?' will be printed on PVC panels (2,5 x 2,5 m) and will be exhibited on the outside part of a designated container during the Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL this February.
December 20, 2021