Unfolding Ambiguity

By Richard Westerhuis
Richard Westerhuis, Ghislain Kieft, Naomi Heidinga, Wim van Sinderen and Etienne Boileau, 2021

Publisher: Uitgeverij Komma

ISBN: 978-90-831035-6 -3

Dimensions: 30,6 X 24,5

Pages: 256

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Who are you, really, when you can no longer hide behind your clothing and image? What remains once you remove your mask? This is what photographer and artist Richard Westerhuis explores in various series of experimental portraits, such as Rubber Identity, Back Buttock Stool, Through The Second Skin and Whanganui.


Unfolding Ambiguity presents a retrospective of the prize-winning art of Richard Westerhuis, recipient of such accolades as the Sony World Photography Awards 2019. Since 2016, Westerhuis has been shooting portraits of his models in all their freedom and vulnerability. Taken out of their comfort zone, without their clothing and image, disclosing their true identity

Westerhuis gets to the heart of the individual. For who are you, really, and what do you reveal about yourself to others?